At the heart of any successful entrepreneur lies a passion for his product or service. One major perk, however, of entrepreneurship can be found in the promise of freedom. The idea that the standard 9-5 work day is not some immutable reality, to which all people are destined to go. Beyond wealth or fame, I think one of the most compelling draws of starting your own ventures lies in this idea that we gain more autonomy over our future.     The reality of today’s age is that mobile working has never been more feasible. In most industries now, business meetings very often happen over the web, sales, from the initial outreach to the closing phase are done almost exclusively over the phone, and email is a primary medium of communication. Aside from taking into consideration time zones, there is little difference between working at your office in Texas or a cafe in Paris. This is opening up a new era of creative flexibility wherein individuals can produce value from many different locations. We have already seen a shift in working from home, with the internet and technology allowing individuals to produce content without having to be in an office. I think we will continue to see this movement towards a more flexible work schedule, as more companies realize they can still get the same utility from employees while simultaneously allowing employees to be happier with their work-life coordinating, which will inevitably lead to happier and more productive employees. Now sometimes entrepreneurs or managers worry that giving employees too much freedom could make them more lax in their responsibilities and reduce output. The reality is that employees who are allowed to work from home typically put in more time as they want to show they can responsibly handle the freedom. Furthermore, many employers are forgetting that employee happiness is heavily correlated to your companies success.  Just as you want to go to bat for your customers, you also want employees who are passionate about your product/service, are constantly trying to innovate and improve for the company and are a walking representative of your companies values and ideas. When an employee feels that an employer genuinely cares about them, their family, their success, and their health, they are going to go the extra mile at work. So if you are starting a company or already running a company, think about having a more open work policy. If you are currently working in a company with a more set 9-5 structure, think about having a candid conversation with your boss about what duties could be done flexibly from home (or Paris).