If you are like most small businesses, you have fairly straight forward needs: you want more traffic, more conversions and more customers. I am going to mention some tools, all with free versions, that focus on Traffic, Page Conversion and Engagement.

The tools I will cover are:

Moz: SEO software and data to help you increase traffic, rankings, and visibility in search results.

Hotjar: Track user engagement on your pages with recordings and heat mapping

Bonjoro: Boost customer engagement with perfectly timed personal videos


Moz: If you want more traffic, then there are two primary routes to this: Paid and Organic. This tool is one that can help you with both, but I am going to focus today on a specific thing you can do to leverage Moz for organic traffic growth.

Below is a step by step basics guide to improving SEO.

  • Use https://moz.com/researchtools/ose/ and check your site’s current authority and links on the page.
  • If that domain or page authority is low, it is important to realize that just churning out a lot of content, even if it’s relevant, won’t be enough to help you hit page 1.
  • Instead, start by researching terms of top competition in your space. If you want to rank for “best small business consultants”, search that phrase in google and write down all the top sites on page 1 and run them through https://moz.com/researchtools/ose/ . This will give you a general idea of the number of quality Root Domain links you will need to hit page 1.
  • Next, look at the type of content that is ranking. Is it videos? Short articles? Long form blog content? Try to emulate this type to get ranked. Also, scroll down and look at the highest authority inbound links to your competitors. Are any of them outlets you could reach out to get featured with as well? 
  • Next, before churning out dozens of articles, focus on authority and link building. Try to connect with podcasts, newspapers, niche-specific sites etc. and get high quality links to your sites content.  Use websites like HARO to connect with media outlets and generate backlinks.

Take your domain authority you started with, try these strategies and then re-benchmark it and see the difference.

Page Conversion: 

Hotjar: So we are getting people to the page but they aren’t converting, meaning either buying the product or opt-ing in on a form. If this is our problem we want to understand whether the issue is poor lead quality (not a good fit or worse not even real people) or if the issue is something in your offer or page layout. Hotjar is a tool that gives you a pixel that you can place on the backend of your website page under the Header section that will record exactly where the user clicks and where they scroll. This will tell you where the customers are going, if they are making it to the bottom of your page where your offer link is for instance or whether they are bouncing right after hitting the page.

Below is a step by step basics guide to improving on page performance:

  • Go to https://www.hotjar.com/ and click “Try it Free”. 
  • Next Add Your Site:
  • From there you will be given a pixel, that you will add to the header of each page of your site that you want to track.
  • Then just sit back and wait until you have some data and you will be able to look at both recordings and a heatmap (visual map of where their cursor moves to and where they click)

With this knowledge set up different tests to improve your conversions. This might include moving around your call-to-action, or trying a different video if you see nobody is finishing the current one etc.

Engagement: So you figured out how to get traffic to find you and you optimized your page and have interested customers! Awesome. Now we need to either A) wow your buyers with an amazing personalized follow-up that builds incredible brand loyalty and evangelism or B) get people who have opt-ed in but haven’t bought to become customers! 

Bonjoro, is an app that can allow you to generate a quick, personalized video message, so you can cut through the noise of the inbox. With Bonjoro you get back to that human component in an interaction that is vital when building trust and delivering value. If you use a CRM or an ESP you can integrate Bonjoro with them to generate these automatically when someone fills out a form or books a call with you. 

Below is a step by step basics guide to improving engagement with your audience: 

  • Go to https://www.bonjoro.com/ and click “Start Free Trial”
  • If you have a CRM or ESP get it linked up (if they integrate with Bonjoro, Bonjoro can help you here). If not, no worries, you can send them out manually.
  • Next, set a very specific objective with this tool: Do you want more reviews? More referrals? Better open rates? More closed deals?
  • Check your benchmark rates before using Bonjoro and then get to work. Be personable, be real and be helpful.

The test of whether Bonjoro is a good fit will be easily apparent, and doesn’t take long. After a month you should be able to see if the videos generated more opens, closed deals, reviews left etc.. The impact though of tools like Bonjoro aren’t just in the immediate sense, but developing real, authentic relationships with your clients will pay big dividends when it wcomes to brand loyalty and advocacy moving forward (and metrics like NPS, or Net Promoter Score can be ways to track this).